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  • u Save 60% 80LE 200 LE EGP 80 instead of EGP 200 for 1 Person 60-minute escape room adventure and solving puzzles to get your team freedom and exit the room before the clock ticking at Escapers Downtown mall & Americana Plaza - Minimum team members allowed in is 2
  • u Save 29% 85LE 120 LE EGP 85 instead of EGP 120 worth of Kinesiology tape for sports to protect muscles & joints against excessive stress and help reducing pain & inflammation
  • u Save 50% 100LE 200 LE EGP 100 instead of EGP 200 worth of 1 ticket entrance to watch 2 hours off (Lions, Magician, Clown and many acrobatic shows) in the biggest circus stage in Egypt the Egyptian European circus (Faten El-Helw) - entrance with the delivered tickets only
  • u Save 58% 175LE 420 LE EGP 175 instead of EGP 420 worth for a very cozy foldable chair for your child with his favorite color and easy setting,folding and storing to boost his happiness
  • u Save 50% 350LE 700 LE EGP 350 instead of EGP 700 for 1 person in a double room includes (lunch meal + Pool usage) You can simply relax, play, explore or do it all. It's your vacation, so have it your way at Cataract pyramids Resort